How to Choose a Gutter Color for Your Home

There are homeowners unconcerned with the aesthetics of their gutters, content with installing the base color that most metal or vinyl systems come in. However in regions such as the Greater Vancouver area where our gutter repair company operates, homeowners tend to be quite conscious of the appearance of all aspects of their home exterior, even the ones that collect and distribute rainwater. It’s not just about personal preferences or keeping up with the next door neighbor Joneses, it’s about enhancing curb appeal, something that can have a very significant impact on the value of your home. In the Lower Mainland’s highly competitive real estate market keeping your home on the “most wanted” list is a great idea even if you’re not looking to sell quite yet. Whether you are buying an entirely new installation, conducting a post gutter repair revamp, or are simply in the mood for a visual change you will need to consider color before figuring out where to buy your gutter system, or how to paint your existing one (for instructions on painting gutters click here).

4 Tips to Choosing the Color of Your Home’s Gutter System

1. Material Match 

The material of your chosen gutter system will play a major role in dictating color. Vinyl gutters will already come in a wide variety of tones, and if the options available don’t appeal to you, painting them with any well known brand of acrylic latex paint will ease the tonal transition. Aluminum and zinc gutters don’t often come available in various colors and while they can be painted, it’s more challenging, both in practice and with respect to which colors will look good on the surface. We could envision a pastel colored vinyl gutter (in beach communities, etc.), but the same color on aluminum/zinc? Not so much. Copper gutters (which come as they are) are the most challenging of all if altering color is even a consideration. The only instance we’ve ever seen where someone would change the color of their copper gutters is if they are trying to rush the aged-patina look (where copper oxidizes and turns green) by painting the gutters accordingly. Yes, you can find copper patina colored paint so you do have that option. If you’re considering another color for your copper gutters (egad!), your neighbors may come down on you for it (see below).

2. Exterior Match and Trim

The next (probably too obvious) consideration is the existing color of your exterior walls and roof. You probably won’t be changing that to match your gutters – it’s the other way around. For impact though, try to match your gutters to the trim of your home (window sills and doors) which can look amazing when done right. Changing the color of your trim is actually practical, if you need to do so to match your new gutter color. Don’t have an eye for such a thing? No problem, there are mobile apps available that can help you match complementary colors of your home, inside and out.

3. Neighborhood Watch

Your direct community will also play a big role in how you choose to color your gutters. You might not want to rock the proverbial boat by going to dramatic with the tone, leaving your home standing in stark contrast to that of everyone else on the block. There may even be regulations in effect that impact your decision, with some municipalities dictating a range of colors that anything on your home exterior can have. This is especially true in gated communities and in town-home settings. However, if you’re fortunate, you will reside in a community that allows more creativity in this capacity. For example, some trendy neighborhoods have an Art Deco vibe going on where colorful gutters could have a positive impact on the block. Beachfront and cottage communities also open up the palette possibilities for your gutters.

4. Permanent Weather Forecast

Your climate will also dictate your gutter color decision. In this instance, the antithesis of gutter necessity is what takes its toll – the sun. The more sun in your region the more UV exposure that your gutters (the system that stands on the front line of home exterior UV defense) get. Some colors respond well to constant UV exposure, where a slight tint to the original tone will go unnoticed. Very light colors (i.e. white) however, will not respond as well, and will show visible signs of over-exposure to the sun. There are options for protecting your gutters from the sun that apply here, such as adding a coat of UV-safe Armor All to the surface. Simply put, take note of your climate patterns and plan your gutter system color scheme accordingly.

Stay tuned to our blog for continued advice on how to maintain the gutters on your home. And should you be in need of gutter repair in the Greater Vancouver BC area do not hesitate to contact AquaSeal at your earliest convenience.