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How to Keep Birds Out of Gutters

Last week we responded to customer concerns regarding the measures that can be taken to keep rodents and raccoons out of rain gutters. Anyone following those tips will be well on the way to a furry four-legged critter-free gutter system. However the wildlife threat doesn’t end there. Birds, from crows and pigeons to robins and seagulls (for us coastal communities) these disproportionately strong and resourceful flyers can have their way with your gutters if proactive steps aren’t put in place. Let’s take a look to see what you can do to make your eaves a no-fly zone.
6 Ways to Keep Birds Away from Your Rain Gutters

How to Keep Raccoons and Rodents Out of Gutters

Airborne debris, rainwater, ice, leaves and pine needles. Practically every gutter repair specialist out there has addressed tips and tricks of the trade to keeping your gutters free of these hazards. However, there are other roof intruders that most homeowners don’t anticipate until the day comes when sounds from above indicate something mischievous is going on within their gutters. Residents of the Lower Mainland are no strangers to this phenomenon – raccoons and rodents wreaking havoc at the eaves of their homes. There is no need to feel powerless in this matter, even if you have a soft spot for these furry little (and not-so-little) creatures that hope to make a habitat on top of your home. Read further for preventative steps that you can take to protect your gutter system.

6 Steps to Keeping Raccoons and Rodents Out of Your Home’s Gutters