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How to Repair a Sagging Rain Gutter

The necessity of gutter repair does not always come from extensive damage and leaks. The impediment to optimal performance in keeping your home safe from excessive rainfall above is often found from a sagging gutter system. Even the strongest of installations can begin to droop after years and years of exposure to battering rain, sleet, wind, and debris. Here in the Lower Mainland we are no stranger to such things, with our company on-call for those households in need of a “facelift” at the eaves of their home. If you are concerned about the state of your gutters and their ability to hold up to collecting water in the season ahead you may consider the following DIY tips below.
4 Steps Towards Fixing a Sagging Rain Gutter on Your Home

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How to Repair Gutter Downspouts

The downspouts on your home’s (or commercial property’s) gutter system are the enclosed pipe (or pipe-like) extensions of rain gutters that run vertically down from the roof, extending to the ground level and traditionally pointing away from the foundation. The water runoff captured by the gutter system enters the downspout and is expelled far enough from the base of your home to protect it from water damage. Because downspouts run down the exterior of a home and point outwards (to jettison the runoff) they are more susceptible to breakage from elements that range from harsh weather to family bouts of backyard soccer. Live in your home long enough and you will eventually have to repair a damaged downspout or two. Follow the five steps below when the time comes.
5 Steps to Repairing the Downspouts on Your Home’s Gutter System

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