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How to Choose a Gutter Color for Your Home

There are homeowners unconcerned with the aesthetics of their gutters, content with installing the base color that most metal or vinyl systems come in. However in regions such as the Greater Vancouver area where our gutter repair company operates, homeowners tend to be quite conscious of the appearance of all aspects of their home exterior, even the ones that collect and distribute rainwater. It’s not just about personal preferences or keeping up with the next door neighbor Joneses, it’s about enhancing curb appeal, something that can have a very significant impact on the value of your home. In the Lower Mainland’s highly competitive real estate market keeping your home on the “most wanted” list is a great idea even if you’re not looking to sell quite yet. Whether you are buying an entirely new installation, conducting a post gutter repair revamp, or are simply in the mood for a visual change you will need to consider color before figuring out where to buy your gutter system, or how to paint your existing one (for instructions on painting gutters click here).
4 Tips to Choosing the Color of Your Home’s Gutter System

How to Paint / Repaint Your Gutters to Hide Repairs

The call to paint your gutters often comes after a do-it-yourself (DIY) repair job. How challenging the task may be will depend upon the type of material your system has been constructed from and of course the amount of wear and tear your gutters have sustained. In order to avoid your DIY paint job from looking like a patchwork pre-school art project it is important to know a few things going in. Today we look at everything that you need to know before painting (or repainting) your home’s gutter system.
5 Key Steps to a Successful Gutter Paint Job

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