Regular gutter cleaning is a crucial part of regular home maintenance in Vancouver. We offer a full suite of gutter maintenance services for all types of gutters. Combined with a thoroughly gutter cleaning, we increase the life span of an existing eavestrough systems by optimizing drain outlets to full capacity, re-attaching loose gutters, replacing damaged sections, reconnecting loose pipes and resloping gutters that don’t drain correctly.

Our gutter cleaning and maintenance service includes a truck-mounted vacuum extractor, which rapidly inhales large amounts of trapped debris from your gutter systems. All organic debris extracted from the gutters into our vacuum is separated by solids or liquids and disposed of on-site, or taken away at customer’s requests in an environmentally friendly manner.

Typical Aluminum Gutter Maintenance includes the following:

  1. Leaky seams and corner sealing, end cap and lap joint repairs

  2. Optimized Outlets complete with larger drains and leaf traps.

  3. Leaf and Debris screens integrated into the downpipes or the gutter system.

  4. Gutter Realignment to correct poor drainage

  5. Reconnection of loose gutters and down-pipes

  6. Downpipe of gutter replacement.

Do your Gutters Appear to be Rusting?

We understand that pure aluminum does not rust, but this does not mean homeowners are not susceptible to deterioration of their aluminum gutters. Even new aluminum gutters can often come from an impure combination of aluminum and trace amounts of other metals such as nickel, lead, or steel. If your gutters appear to be rusting, the aluminum is deteriorating due to a reaction to these other metals or is an indication of an impure aluminum product. This process is called galvanic corrosion or anodization. AquaSeal only uses quality North American aluminum of the highest purity that will not rust or suffer from galvanic corrosion.

Additional Value-added Maintenance

  1. Replace hidden gutter substrate (under the membrane) wooden gutter bottom with kiln-dried-after-treatment (KDAT) plywood treated for resistance to decay, minimal expansion and contraction, and increased longevity; slope bottom toward outlet.

  2. Install new EPDM gutter lining including drains and seals.

  3. Install new drain locations including new downspouts and leaf traps if needed.

  4. Repair or replace fascia, sub-fascia, and interior structural elements as needed.

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