Hidden gutters, also known as built-in gutters, are often a classic feature of character homes and have the unique benefit of being very long-lasting. In light of their longevity however, these gutters tend to be easily forgotten about until serious water damage begins to take shape. In a typical hidden gutter repair project, we find and treat:

  • Leaking or cracked seams
  • Dry rot to the sub-fascia board
  • Discoloration and rot to the fascia board
  • Discoloration and rot to the truss tailings of the building (extreme cases).
  • Interior water stains to walls and ceilings (drywall damage).
  • Weakening of the exterior structure of the home that can compromise it’s integrity.

This often the result of poorly installed gutter systems. For small to medium sized homes, the cost of replacing a hidden gutter system can start at over $5000. Trying hidden gutter repair usually the right first step for homeowners and stratas. We identify common problem areas and retro-fit the system so that it can continue to do its job, resulting in thousands of dollars in savings. If the system is beyond repair, we will help you with total system replacement.

3 Common Problems with Hidden Gutters

  1. Deteriorating Seams

  2. Poor Drainage
    (the gutters were not sloped correctly during installation)

  3. Outlets that are too small

Cracked seams - hidden gutter repair
Leaky seam - hidden gutter repair
Rotten sub-fascia board - hidden gutter repair - built-in gutter repair
poor drainage - hidden gutter repair - gutter cleaning
Outlets are too small - hidden gutter repair

AquaSeal has a 5-part Hidden Gutter Repair process:

  1. Flashings are removed and the seam or drain is disassembled. We clean the gutters with an EPDM compatible solvent. At this point a proper inspection of the gutter membrane including the sub-fascia and fascia boards can be done.

  2. Water block application: chemical seal that runs along the inside seam of the gutter or drain flange.

  3. Application of rubber-to-rubber bonding adhesive that acts as second layer of protection goes over top of the drain flange and EPDM rubber membrane. This is often referred to as a cold weld seal.

  4. Third layer of protection: Geomembrane that chemically melds it self to the outer layer of the membrane, to give the seam a superior life expectancy.

  5. Geocell Application: This sealant is applied to the outer edges of the Geomembrane as a final part of the process. This becomes the first line of defense to the damaging effects of both water and sun damage.

When AquaSeal has finished repairing a hidden gutter system, homeowners and building managers alike can reliably expect another 10-20 years out of their gutter system.

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