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AquaSeal® is a specialized gutter repair and cleaning company. Since 2010, we’ve been saving homeowners and building managers time and thousands of dollars with highly effective maintenance solutions.

We are fast and affordable. Call us now at (604) 767-9500 for your free estimate. Click here to see our rates for hidden gutter repairs / aluminum gutter repairs. We also provide gutter cleaning servicesmoss removal and roof cleaning, all year round.

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Gutter Repair and Maintenance Services

AquaSeal provides a comprehensive suite of gutter repair and gutter cleaning services for Vancouver, Surrey and the Lower Mainland. With over 25 years of experience, we’ve been saving homeowners and building managers time and thousands of dollars with highly effective maintenance solutions.

AquaSeal provides hidden gutter repairs for Vancouver, Surrey, Langley, Abbotsford. Call us at 604.767.9500Hidden gutters, also known as built-in gutters, are often a classic feature of character homes and have the unique benefit of being very long-lasting. In light of their longevity however, these gutters tend to be easily forgotten about until serious water damage begins to take shape.

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Aquaseal does aluminum gutter repairs, Vancouver to Abbotsford. This image is of a rain gutter repair project at an Esso station in Abbotsford. For Metro Vancouver homeowners and strata managers, AquaSeal is your go-to expert for aluminum gutter repairs. We offer a free no obligation gutter assessment to see if your existing gutter system can be fixed. With most cases, we can add 10 more years to the life of the system by optimizing gutters for water drainage. As part of our 6 point assessment, we test the stability, alignment and performance of the entire system.

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AquaSeal gutter cleaning project - hidden gutter system / built-in gutter system is completely overwhelmed with water and debris. This Surrey home has significant water damage because of it. Regular gutter cleaning is a crucial part of regular home maintenance in the Metro Vancouver area. We offer a full suite of gutter maintenance services for all types of gutters. We increase the life span of existing systems by optimizing outlets, re-attaching loose gutters, replace damaged sections, optimize drain outlets to full capacity, reconnection of loose pipes, and gutter realignment.

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Aquaseal has a multi point gutter repair process for every project. Hidden Gutters and Aluminum Gutters included. Gutters can be damaged or cause damage to a building if they have not been installed correctly. If your gutters have standing water in them, freezing conditions can pull apart seams and/or warp the shape and alignment of the gutters. As part of our repair process, we will ensure that your gutters are optimized for rain water runoff.

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Need leaf guards or a new downspout. Aquaseal can help. We have all year gutter maintenance and roof cleaning packages. 604.767.9500Downspouts and Leaf Guards are simply designed to filter debris and allow the rainwater runoff to flow through the gutter system.

​As part of our inspection and repair process, we make sure your downspouts and leaf guards are clean and optimized for maximum water flow.

Gutter maintenance is a year round process in Metro Vancouver. Take advantage of our Year Round roof cleaning and gutter maintenance packages.

AquaSeal does moss removal and roof cleaning services. We are fast and affordable. AquaSeal can clean your roof of moss before you know it. Moss problems often develop on north facing parts of a home or building, as well as under the shade of trees and neighbouring buildings. AquaSeal technicians clean and treat your roof and gutters with an environmentally friendly product that quickly kills the moss without harming the surface of your roof or gutters.

The great news is that we can get your roof looking beautiful again in no time. Click to learn more about our moss removal and roof cleaning services.

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At AquaSeal, we believe in a ‘maintenance first’ approach. Your gutter system may not need to be replaced. The average cost to replace a Hidden Gutter System 10x greater than the average cost to retro-fit an existing one.

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Metro Vancouver Yearly Precipitation: What your Gutter System is up against

Snap shot of precipation over the last 12 months, Vancouver to Chilliwack. Do you need gutter repairs? Tired of cleaning your gutters? AquaSeal can help.

Precipitation over the last 12 months

*Stats from vancouver.weatherstats.ca

North Vancouver

Avg Yearly Precipitation: Metro Vancouver, Fraser Valley


The AqualSeal team is our go-to partner for hidden gutter repairs and continuous gutter repairs in Surrey and the Lower Mainland. We can always trust that a project will be finished to perfection and the job site is left in better condition than the manner in which it was found.
I met with the strata council today and everyone is pleased with the work you did on the gutters here, so thanks very much. I will be in touch when we need some more work done.
Paul Ham, the Lagoons False Creek