Project Description

This is an example of what typically happens when hidden gutters are not maintained regularly. We took this picture to share what facia board damage / rot looks like. Again, if not addressed quickly, damage like this will lead to significant interior water damage, not just exterior damage.

The wonderful Highnam family based in the Kitsilano area of Vancouver called AquaSeal to repair their hidden gutters. Our team secured the leak in EPDM, replaced all rotten facia boards, primed all cuts including the bevel cut into the existing Fascia board, painted custom colour, installed new matching gutter capping with colour match and a larger drip edge (3/4″ hem to direct water away from the new fascia).

Do your hidden gutters look like this? AquaSeal specializes in Gutter Repairs for Kitsliano and the Metro Vancouver area (single homes, strata and businesses). We also do year-round gutter maintenance packages for homes and stratas as well – contact us now to learn more. You can also find our standard rates for gutter repair and cleaning on our service pricing page. Gutter repairs are best done during dry weather. Call us at 604.767.9500.