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Hidden Gutter Repair Kitsilano | Vancouver BC

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Our team secured the leak in EPDM, replaced all rotten facia boards, primed all cuts including bevel cut into the existing Fascia board, painted custom colour, installed new matching gutter capping with colour match and a larger drip edge (3/4" hem to direct water away from the new fascia). Gutter repairs are best done during dry weather. Call us at 604.767.9500.

Gutter Repair | Richmond BC

Raccoon Attack Gutter Repair Project | Thompson Community of Richmond BC
Coming across rodent damage is fairly come in the gutter repair industry. We were hired recently by the Moss family based in the Thompson area of Richmond BC, to fix a tear in the EPDM layer of their hidden gutters. This EPDM membrane required a double seal both […]

Surrey Hidden Gutter Repair Project

Hidden Gutter Repair in Surrey (Roof Repair too!)
This Surrey hidden gutter repair project was extensive and essentially required us to completely reconstruct the roof. Here are just a few before and after images. Major water damage from poorly installed hidden gutter system, but a successful gutter repair project. We are really proud of this one! Contact […]