Environmentally Friendly Moss Removal

AquaSeal can clean your roof of moss before you know it. Moss problems often develop on north facing parts of a home or building, as well as under the shade of trees and neighbouring buildings. AquaSeal technicians clean and treat your roof and gutters with an environmentally friendly product that quickly kills the moss without harming the surface of your roof or gutters.

Moss Removal Safety

Our Moss Removal technicians are covered by WCB and wear fall protection while servicing your home or building. Moss removal needs to takes place in dry conditions to achieve maximum results. We don’t recommend that homeowners perform this task on their own if the pitch of the roof is significant and/or if moss has overtaken the majority of the roof due to slippery conditions.

After AquaSeal is done with the Moss Removal and Roof Cleaning, you can keep moss growth under control by pruning nearby trees.

Ask About Yearly Maintenance:
Moss Removal, Roof Cleaning and More

Home and building maintenance is year round activity especially in Metro Vancouver and we can provide exterior cleaning and moss removal from decks, gutters, siding and bricks, window sills and driveways. Ask about our yearly Home Maintenance and Cleaning packages.

Our Moss Removal Quality Assurance

  1. Any areas treated with moss inhibitor will be first cleaned of moss (approximately 80% or more of moss colonies removed) prior to moss spray.

  2. After moss removal inhibitor/killer will be applied and requires 48hrs of dry weather after treatment for best results.

  3. We guarantee no significant moss regrowth for three years from day of treatment (no more than 20% regrowth) . If moss colonies return enmass, we will treat the surface with another application of moss inhibitor/killer treatment only at no additional charge.

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Contact Us @ 604.767.9500