Project Description

Vancouver Gutter Cleaning Project | Spruce Village Condo, False Creek

Some girls aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty on this Vancouver gutter cleaning project. Jessi on our team recently tackled an extensive cleaning job for a Vancouver strata. Trees are in abundance in Vancouver (given the city hall’s focus to be the greenest city by 2020), and create a challenge for home owners to keep their gutters clean.

The featured images demonstrate the before/after effect with our industrial vacuum, which is the first step in the cleaning process. Once we were done, dirty and debris were washed away and the entire gutter system was flowing as it should. If you were every wondering what kind of gutters you have, these images are a good example of what Hidden Gutters or Built-in Gutter systems look like.

AquaSeal does Gutter cleaning for vancouver condos / strata efficiently and effectively for one simple price. We also do year-round gutter maintenance packages for stratas – contact us now to learn more. You can also find our standard rates for gutter repair and cleaning on our service pricing page.