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How to Prevent Gutter Overflow

One of the biggest issues for the gutters on your home here in the Lower Mainland comes from residing in the wettest climate in the country. The average rainfall in Greater Vancouver proves to be a challenge for homeowners in many ways and it all begins above your heads, on the roof’s edges. Gutter overflow occurs when something prevents the water runoff entering your gutters from reaching and/or expelling from its downspouts. Water builds up and the gutters overflow. The damage that can occur to your property includes (but is not exclusive to) damage to your home’s eaves and exterior walls, paint discoloration, erosion of the landscape (flowers, gardens, grass) surrounding the side of your home, and even flooded basements (when there are cracks at the base of the home). If overflow occurs during the winter months, freezing temperatures at night can cause the moisture on the concrete pathways near your home to become dangerously slippery. The implications of overflowing gutters can be severe and quite numerous. Now that we’ve identified the necessity of gutter overflow prevention, it is time to look at steps that can be taken to make it so.
5 Steps to Preventing Gutter Overflow from Damaging Your Gutters and Home Exterior/Interior

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How to Protect Gutters from Pine Needles

There is a reason many of the households residing within the Lower Mainland have chosen this neck of the country as their home. The Pacific Northwest landscape is incomparable, with rich pines jetting out from the slopes that bookend the communities that define our places within the region. Many of you have purchased a home in-part because of the front and/or backyards that have pines standing as sentries, providing aesthetic comfort, a place for tire swings to be hung, and a refuge for neighborhood pets (and the squirrels they chase). Yes, the 22 species in our province are a blessing, for the most part. However, when it comes to the gutters lining the ledge of your home’s roof, pines and their pesky needles can be a pain.

While autumn is prime time, pines shed needles throughout the year. These needles are unlike the leaves that fall from the other trees surrounding your home. Because of their small size, their build-up is far less noticeable yet just as impactful on the health of your gutter system, especially when they go unchecked. Clumps of pine needles will penetrate the smallest of crevices and when wet become more adhesive than any other type of branch foliage by-product. At that point other forms of debris passing through your gutters will collect upon the needles, adding to the clogging effect which will detrimentally impact your system. So, aside from chopping down the beloved pines surrounding your home, what can be done? Read further to find out.
How to Protect Your Home’s Gutter System from Pine Needles

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