5 Best Apps for Home Gutter Repair and Maintenance

Gutter repair and maintenance will always require traditional tools such as power drills and caulking but there is no denying technology’s ever-increasing role in exterior home upkeep. That’s right, the tired but true expression of “there’s an app for that” can now apply to gutter installation, repair, and maintenance in all of its forms. While smartphone/tablet applications won’t actually beam your gutters in place onto your roof (yet?) they can lend a helpful hand for your next DIY project. Download the following apps and you’ll be on your way to easing the work surrounding the eaves of your home.
5 Apps That Can Help With Your Gutter Maintenance and Repair Projects

How to Repair a Sagging Rain Gutter

The necessity of gutter repair does not always come from extensive damage and leaks. The impediment to optimal performance in keeping your home safe from excessive rainfall above is often found from a sagging gutter system. Even the strongest of installations can begin to droop after years and years of exposure to battering rain, sleet, wind, and debris. Here in the Lower Mainland we are no stranger to such things, with our company on-call for those households in need of a “facelift” at the eaves of their home. If you are concerned about the state of your gutters and their ability to hold up to collecting water in the season ahead you may consider the following DIY tips below.
4 Steps Towards Fixing a Sagging Rain Gutter on Your Home

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How to Repair Gutter Downspouts

The downspouts on your home’s (or commercial property’s) gutter system are the enclosed pipe (or pipe-like) extensions of rain gutters that run vertically down from the roof, extending to the ground level and traditionally pointing away from the foundation. The water runoff captured by the gutter system enters the downspout and is expelled far enough from the base of your home to protect it from water damage. Because downspouts run down the exterior of a home and point outwards (to jettison the runoff) they are more susceptible to breakage from elements that range from harsh weather to family bouts of backyard soccer. Live in your home long enough and you will eventually have to repair a damaged downspout or two. Follow the five steps below when the time comes.
5 Steps to Repairing the Downspouts on Your Home’s Gutter System

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How to Repair a Leaky Gutter – A DYI Beginner’s Guide

If you have searched and found this article online chances are that you’ve noticed (or suspect) that there is a leak in your home’s gutter system. On the other side of the coin you may be taking proactive steps to ensure that if/when the time comes that you are well-prepared to act quickly (kudos on the forward thinking!). Whichever the case, today’s post dives into the gutter leak repair process, for those of you that do not yet have a PhD in DIY fixes for the roof of your home.
5 Do-It-Yourself Steps to Repairing a Leaky Gutter System

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Is it time for Gutter Replacement?

How do you know it’s time to replace your gutters? Rain gutters are one of those items that are not always top of mind for home owners and property managers, yet they play such a vital role in protecting your home, strata or business complex from water damage. Depending on where you live in metro Vancouver, you have different environmental factors that play into the life and maintenance of your gutter […]

How to Prevent Gutter Overflow

One of the biggest issues for the gutters on your home here in the Lower Mainland comes from residing in the wettest climate in the country. The average rainfall in Greater Vancouver proves to be a challenge for homeowners in many ways and it all begins above your heads, on the roof’s edges. Gutter overflow occurs when something prevents the water runoff entering your gutters from reaching and/or expelling from its downspouts. Water builds up and the gutters overflow. The damage that can occur to your property includes (but is not exclusive to) damage to your home’s eaves and exterior walls, paint discoloration, erosion of the landscape (flowers, gardens, grass) surrounding the side of your home, and even flooded basements (when there are cracks at the base of the home). If overflow occurs during the winter months, freezing temperatures at night can cause the moisture on the concrete pathways near your home to become dangerously slippery. The implications of overflowing gutters can be severe and quite numerous. Now that we’ve identified the necessity of gutter overflow prevention, it is time to look at steps that can be taken to make it so.
5 Steps to Preventing Gutter Overflow from Damaging Your Gutters and Home Exterior/Interior

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How to Protect Gutters from Pine Needles

There is a reason many of the households residing within the Lower Mainland have chosen this neck of the country as their home. The Pacific Northwest landscape is incomparable, with rich pines jetting out from the slopes that bookend the communities that define our places within the region. Many of you have purchased a home in-part because of the front and/or backyards that have pines standing as sentries, providing aesthetic comfort, a place for tire swings to be hung, and a refuge for neighborhood pets (and the squirrels they chase). Yes, the 22 species in our province are a blessing, for the most part. However, when it comes to the gutters lining the ledge of your home’s roof, pines and their pesky needles can be a pain.

While autumn is prime time, pines shed needles throughout the year. These needles are unlike the leaves that fall from the other trees surrounding your home. Because of their small size, their build-up is far less noticeable yet just as impactful on the health of your gutter system, especially when they go unchecked. Clumps of pine needles will penetrate the smallest of crevices and when wet become more adhesive than any other type of branch foliage by-product. At that point other forms of debris passing through your gutters will collect upon the needles, adding to the clogging effect which will detrimentally impact your system. So, aside from chopping down the beloved pines surrounding your home, what can be done? Read further to find out.
How to Protect Your Home’s Gutter System from Pine Needles

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Safe Tips and Alternatives to Hanging Lights on Gutters

It’s that time of the year when households are unearthing tangled cords of holiday lights from the bottoms of boxes in their garage storage space. If you count yourself among them we urge you to pause for a moment before illuminating the ledges of your home.

You see, year after year homeowners that don’t take the necessary precautions damage their gutter system in some manner by hanging hoards of lights from their roof’s appendages. However, we understand that this news won’t necessarily dissuade you from climbing up there on your ladder over the next few days to do so. Thus, in the spirit of the season (and to not be a Scrooge declaring the end of dangling outdoor lights) we thought we’d provide you with tips to working around hanging lights on your home’s gutters.
How to Protect Your Gutter System When Hanging Lights for the Holidays

How to Prepare Gutters for Winter

Winter is coming! Last week we provided area homeowners with some sound advice on how to prevent ice dams from forming in your gutters (good timing!) and we thought we would follow up this week with some general advice for the season. Read further to learn more about how your home’s gutter system will require some extra TLC before the cold snap becomes a local affair lasting longer than a few days in the Lower Mainland.
Five Ways to Prepare Your Gutter System for the Arrival of the Winter Season

How to Prevent Ice Dams in Gutters

The Lower Mainland and regional arms extending from its girth may not rank among the coldest of climates in the country. However, that does not mean that our residents and their respective homes are not susceptible to the bumps and bruises taken from the arrival of an especially frosty winter. In fact, the innate west coast confidence in our milder weather can work against homeowners. Preventative measures taken to protect […]

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