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How to Choose a Gutter Color for Your Home

There are homeowners unconcerned with the aesthetics of their gutters, content with installing the base color that most metal or vinyl systems come in. However in regions such as the Greater Vancouver area where our gutter repair company operates, homeowners tend to be quite conscious of the appearance of all aspects of their home exterior, even the ones that collect and distribute rainwater. It’s not just about personal preferences or keeping up with the next door neighbor Joneses, it’s about enhancing curb appeal, something that can have a very significant impact on the value of your home. In the Lower Mainland’s highly competitive real estate market keeping your home on the “most wanted” list is a great idea even if you’re not looking to sell quite yet. Whether you are buying an entirely new installation, conducting a post gutter repair revamp, or are simply in the mood for a visual change you will need to consider color before figuring out where to buy your gutter system, or how to paint your existing one (for instructions on painting gutters click here).
4 Tips to Choosing the Color of Your Home’s Gutter System

How to Paint / Repaint Your Gutters to Hide Repairs

The call to paint your gutters often comes after a do-it-yourself (DIY) repair job. How challenging the task may be will depend upon the type of material your system has been constructed from and of course the amount of wear and tear your gutters have sustained. In order to avoid your DIY paint job from looking like a patchwork pre-school art project it is important to know a few things going in. Today we look at everything that you need to know before painting (or repainting) your home’s gutter system.
5 Key Steps to a Successful Gutter Paint Job

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How to Protect Your Gutters from Leaves

The biggest concern homeowners have when it comes to the maintenance of their gutters revolves around how to get leaves to leave their gutter system alone. They are not just a concern during the annual fall of autumn, they are a year-round nuisance that can and will invade your roof and eaves on any given day. They build-up in your gutters and create all sorts of havoc. They invite pests (birds and rodents) to nest, they block rainwater passage, and they weigh down the system causing gutters to sag which not only becomes an eyesore it puts your home exterior at risk. Yep, they may look pretty on the tress but they are a hazard to your home. So, what can be done to forever hedge the risk of gutter damage from leaf-born build-up? Read further to find out.
4 Ways to Keep Leaves from Damaging the Gutter System on Your Home

How to Protect Your Gutters from the Summer

There’s a title you didn’t expect to read, right? There are, of course, many articles written about how to prepare your gutters for the winter and protect them from the overflow that occurs during the heavy rains of autumn and spring. What you don’t often hear about are the summer months and the concerns they can bring to the health of your gutter system. And there are indeed some worth noting. Before you pack up for your extended household summer vacation take note of the following so that you leave the eaves of your home well protected from the summer season elements.
4 Things You Need to be Aware of to Protect Your Gutters During the Season of Summer

How to Keep Birds Out of Gutters

Last week we responded to customer concerns regarding the measures that can be taken to keep rodents and raccoons out of rain gutters. Anyone following those tips will be well on the way to a furry four-legged critter-free gutter system. However the wildlife threat doesn’t end there. Birds, from crows and pigeons to robins and seagulls (for us coastal communities) these disproportionately strong and resourceful flyers can have their way with your gutters if proactive steps aren’t put in place. Let’s take a look to see what you can do to make your eaves a no-fly zone.
6 Ways to Keep Birds Away from Your Rain Gutters

How to Keep Raccoons and Rodents Out of Gutters

Airborne debris, rainwater, ice, leaves and pine needles. Practically every gutter repair specialist out there has addressed tips and tricks of the trade to keeping your gutters free of these hazards. However, there are other roof intruders that most homeowners don’t anticipate until the day comes when sounds from above indicate something mischievous is going on within their gutters. Residents of the Lower Mainland are no strangers to this phenomenon – raccoons and rodents wreaking havoc at the eaves of their homes. There is no need to feel powerless in this matter, even if you have a soft spot for these furry little (and not-so-little) creatures that hope to make a habitat on top of your home. Read further for preventative steps that you can take to protect your gutter system.

6 Steps to Keeping Raccoons and Rodents Out of Your Home’s Gutters


Gutter Repair 101 – Knowing the Different Types of Gutter Systems

Gaining an in-depth knowledge of your home, inside and out, is essential to the life of your property. The exterior is the gateway, protecting your household and landscape surrounding it from the outside elements. One of the most important components of this exterior protection is your gutter system. Whether you currently own a home, are on the market for one, are considering a major renovation, or are in the planning process of a new-construction development, developing an understanding of the gutter systems available to you will give you peace of mind for all rainy days on the horizon. Read further to learn more about your more common options and the implications for each with respect to long term maintenance.
What Homeowners Need to Know About the Different Types of Common Gutter Systems

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5 Best Apps for Home Gutter Repair and Maintenance

Gutter repair and maintenance will always require traditional tools such as power drills and caulking but there is no denying technology’s ever-increasing role in exterior home upkeep. That’s right, the tired but true expression of “there’s an app for that” can now apply to gutter installation, repair, and maintenance in all of its forms. While smartphone/tablet applications won’t actually beam your gutters in place onto your roof (yet?) they can lend a helpful hand for your next DIY project. Download the following apps and you’ll be on your way to easing the work surrounding the eaves of your home.
5 Apps That Can Help With Your Gutter Maintenance and Repair Projects

How to Repair a Sagging Rain Gutter

The necessity of gutter repair does not always come from extensive damage and leaks. The impediment to optimal performance in keeping your home safe from excessive rainfall above is often found from a sagging gutter system. Even the strongest of installations can begin to droop after years and years of exposure to battering rain, sleet, wind, and debris. Here in the Lower Mainland we are no stranger to such things, with our company on-call for those households in need of a “facelift” at the eaves of their home. If you are concerned about the state of your gutters and their ability to hold up to collecting water in the season ahead you may consider the following DIY tips below.
4 Steps Towards Fixing a Sagging Rain Gutter on Your Home

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How to Repair Gutter Downspouts

The downspouts on your home’s (or commercial property’s) gutter system are the enclosed pipe (or pipe-like) extensions of rain gutters that run vertically down from the roof, extending to the ground level and traditionally pointing away from the foundation. The water runoff captured by the gutter system enters the downspout and is expelled far enough from the base of your home to protect it from water damage. Because downspouts run down the exterior of a home and point outwards (to jettison the runoff) they are more susceptible to breakage from elements that range from harsh weather to family bouts of backyard soccer. Live in your home long enough and you will eventually have to repair a damaged downspout or two. Follow the five steps below when the time comes.
5 Steps to Repairing the Downspouts on Your Home’s Gutter System

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